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How To Unban An IP Address Thats Blocked By Plesk Fail2Ban Via SSH

Created On: 20 September 2022
Written by: Ben

Occasionally you may find yourself in a situation where Fail2Ban on Plesk has banned your IP address from a particular service on the server. The obvious indicator is receiving "Website unreachable" message etc when attempting to load a website that is hosted on your Plesk server despite your internet working fine.

First access the server via SSH and run the following command to check the current IP's which are blocked:

plesk bin ip_ban --banned

Once you have the list of IP addresses which are currently banned you may see that yours is in the list.

To unban it you can run the following command:

plesk bin ip_ban --unban <IP_ADDRESS>,<SERVICE>

For example:

plesk bin ip_ban --unban,plesk-panel

This should be sufficient enough for you to regain access to the server and continue what you are doing. Should this not resolve your issue the issue may lay somewhere else on the server such as with iptables or firewalld etc.

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