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Start / Stop / Pause / Restart AWX Docker Containers

Created On: 14 September 2022
Written by: Ben

For AWX that is running inside of docker you have to use the docker start / stop commands in order to fully shutdown the service.

AWX come by default with five different containers that make up the full service, these are:

  • awx_task
  • awx_web
  • awx_rabbitmq
  • awx_postgre
  • awx_memcached

Stop Containers

sudo docker stop awx_task
sudo docker stop awx_web
sudo docker stop awx_rabbitmq
sudo docker stop awx_postgres
sudo docker stop awx_memcached

Start Containers

sudo docker start awx_task
sudo docker start awx_web
sudo docker start awx_rabbitmq
sudo docker start awx_postgres
sudo docker start awx_memcached

Pause Containers

sudo docker pause awx_task
sudo docker pause awx_web
sudo docker pause awx_rabbitmq
sudo docker pause awx_postgres
sudo docker pause awx_memcached

Restart Containers

sudo docker restart awx_task
sudo docker restart awx_web
sudo docker restart awx_rabbitmq
sudo docker restart awx_postgres
sudo docker restart awx_memcached

Using a combination of the above commands is useful to stop AWX if you are using multiple services inside of docker on the same machine. If you are just using AWX on the machine in docker you can simply stop docker, restart docker etc with the following commands.

sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl restart docker
sudo systemctl stop docker
sudo systemctl status docker
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