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Extract RAR File On Mac Using Terminal

Created On: 21 April 2023
Written by: Ben

Extracting a RAR file on a Mac is easy when you use the terminal. First, you need to make sure that you have homebrew installed. If you are not sure you can rrun the following inside of terminal:

which brew

You should get an output similar to the following:

user1@family-MacBook-Air ~ % which brew

If nothing is returned and you receive a blank line, most of the time this means that you do no have Homebrew installed. If that is the case head over to Homebrew and install it via terminal.

With Homebrew installed open up terminal and install the rar package with the following:

brew install rar

The rar package install will also install unrar which can be used to extract a rar archive.

Now change directory to where the archive is, example:

cd /Users/user1/Downloads/

Extract the archive with the following, where 'ARCHIVE_NAME_1.rar' is the rar file you aim to extract:


The archive should be extracted. In some circumstances, Mac may prompt you with a security warning. To get around this you need to go into Setting / System Preferences and under Privacy & Security allow the application to run, then run the extract command again.

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